A massive weight loss journey…

I recently entered into a relationship after 5-6 years of being alone. It has been a whirlwind romance that, to this day, seems too good to be true. Having come from a tumultuous relationship in the past and with my confidence shattered into a million little pieces, I came across Kristen totally by chance at the perfect time.

Casual boudoir poses

I’m so thankful I did! Having undergone a massive weight loss journey after my last relationship, the outward confidence I should have been feeling was not being properly reflected. I saw this boudoir session as the perfect opportunity to change that.

I spoke to Kristen and immediately felt comfortable with making the decision to move forward with the session. I debated somewhat with the cost and the necessity but ended up deciding I needed to do this for me! Session day rolled around, and I was a little nervous about what to expect. I was wondering to myself how the heck my pictures were going to turn out as amazing as the ones I had seen from Kristen already.

This session changed the way I look and feel about myself monumentally every day. I no longer see myself naked and cringe or not nit-pick every outfit I pick out. I have been able to get dressed and hold my head high confidently. I have found myself dressing up more for work feeling more confident not only physically but mentally also. I cannot thank Kristen enough for this opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend doing this for you to anyone and everyone.

Hair and makeup by Declan + Mae