As a 45 year old grandmother…

As a 45 year old mother and grandmother, I am a pastry chef and love being outdoors. I stay as active as I can to help me stay positive minded, along with keeping me feeling and looking young.

I may not be skinny but I love myself and my curves, this boudoir shoot made me love my body even more. This past year has been full of surprises as I got engaged, traveled out the country for the first time and making some career changes.

I know 2019 is going to be even more adventurous with new challenges, I am planning my wedding working to get certified in scuba diving, family vacation where we are taking everyone on a cruise and starting a 5 year plan to move some place tropical where me and my fiancé can semi-retire running a Bed & Breakfast along with diving/snorkeling trips for our guest. We’ve both always wanted this and decided why not go for it!

I think the boudoir shoot with Kristen really help me see that anything is possible and that I’m the only one that can make changes to improve my life, my fiancé was thrilled with photos and we both can’t wait for me to do it again when I turn 50!