I thought god I could lose some weight

I had my first ever Boudoir photo shoot with Kristen. I am just like every other woman and thought god I could lose some weight, and that I could not look that good in photos or what does he see when he looks at me that I don’t, and he may mean every word but why do I not feel that way?

Society has placed so many misconceptions about body positive on women and girls that we start believing them and making other women feel ashamed of how they look, rather than making them feel beautiful for the soul that they poses.

To me Body Positive is not just about looks but the Confidence we build up in ourselves and the confidence we gain from the other women such as Kristen to make you feel and see all the things that society does not. That confidence, radiance, sensuality, sexy, and bad ass women that we are.

If you need that feeling or a boost of damn it I am not society’s bitch, Kristen definitely makes you feel that. I was very surprised that I was not nervous and she made you feel comfortable, sexy and fun.

I love looking at my photos and the ones with less clothing, I am more in love with those than I ever thought possible. Thanks Kristen.