I never thought I would be the type…

I never thought I would be the type of girl who would be confident enough to do one of these photo shoots. I have always been curvy and most of the pictures I saw were of girls with flat stomachs and no flaws.

I never thought I could do one of these shoots and actually like the pictures. Well….one day I was browsing Facebook and an ad popped up for Kristen Fonville Photography looking for women who were 37. I thought to myself, “Why the heck not? Why not me?”

The day of the shoot arrived and I was terrified because I don’t always feel beautiful but Kristen made me feel so comfortable. It literally felt like I was just hanging out with one of my best girlfriends. She knows exactly how to tell you to position your body to hide all those imperfections that we all have.

Once I was finished, I was really nervous to see my images but I am so happy how they turned out!! I genuinely love to look at my pictures which isn’t generally the case. I went with the largest package because I love them so much and I feel so beautiful and strong.

Its a very empowering feeling and I think every woman whether she has a partner or not should do this at some point! Do this for yourself! I did!! You won’t regret it! I even think I will do another one down the road sometime. If I do, I will only use Kristen!!

Styled by Nashville makeup artist Meghan Lee with Declan + Mae