I needed the confidence boost

After years of weight fluctuations, having three kids, lots of self-doubt, and little self-confidence… I needed the confidence boost. I was alone in Nashville for a weekend and decided what the hell!? After speaking with Kristen the week before I felt confident that she’d capture me as the woman I am… and not the woman I think society should see us as.

After my boudoir session… I’ve started doing my makeup again. I’ve started wearing shorts again when I was previously so “covered up” and shy.

I was nervous because I’m not a lingerie person. But that didn’t matter! My favorite images are of me wearing an off the shoulder sweater and aren’t even really all that revealing.

I’m proud of my new attitude. And the fact that I can literally be who I want to be, both clothed and or not regardless of what magazines, models and store ads say.

Hair & Makeup by Char Braden