I had no idea I could look so sexy

I don’t typically do a lot to boost my confidence even though I have low self esteem. The boudoir shoot made a huge difference though. I had no idea I could look so sexy.

I was most concerned about finding the right outfit and losing weight and I wondered what it would be like to have a stranger see me half naked. I never lost weight, thanks to Kristen I got a lot more confident picking outfits and she made it so much fun and not uncomfortable at all!

The scariest part was coming out in my first outfit. But after breaking the ice and getting the first few pictures done I was so happy I did it. Kristen tells you what to do the whole time which took so much of the intimidation away.

I’m so proud of myself for doing something so risky and I feel a lot more sexy and confident than I ever did before. I feel more like a woman and less “adorable”.

Hair & Makeup by Declan+Mae