I became very uncomfortable looking in a mirror

I went to Kristen to have my boudoir photos done as an anniversary gift for my husband of 15 years.

I really was not certain how they would turn out, or if I would like them. I have never done any boudoir photos before and did not know what to expect, Kristen was great!! I felt very comfortable and at ease before and during the shoot. 

Growing up I was always the skinniest thing anyone has ever seen. When all the other girls in school were getting their training bras I was still in the kid’s department shopping for clothes. Through high school, I finally got a figure and felt better about myself. I felt that I was as comfortable and confident as I would ever be, or so I thought. 

Years went by and I got pregnant with my daughter, gained a lot of weight and then became very uncomfortable again when looking in a mirror or shopping for clothes. Fast forward 16 years and here we are, I felt better about myself but not as comfortable and confident as I once was and assumed I never would be.

 I knew my husband would love these photos, he always says how beautiful and curvy I am, but let’s be real if he ever wants to get laid by me again he isn’t going to tell me that I’m fat or have gained weight. After seeing the pictures of myself I am more comfortable than I have ever been with my body. No I’m not 140 like I was in high school but I’m not a teenager either, I’m a wife, a mother of three and a very sexy, vivacious 39-year-old woman. 

Would I have eventually felt this way about myself, I’d like to think so but I don’t know for sure, all I know is I see the beauty in my curves now and I know that women are beautiful in every shape and size. I feel that I have become more beautiful with the confidence that I have now and everyone can see that little spark of difference in me.

Hair and makeup by Nashville makeup artist Declan + Mae