5 Concerns You Shouldn’t Have Before A Session

Boudoir sessions have been around for a while now and tons of women are trying it. Nowadays, everyone is saying you should just do it! If you’ve mustered up the courage to do it, awesome! Go for it! But for those of you who are on the fence, here are 5 concerns you can genuinely put to rest.

1. Losing Weight

It’s a boudoir photographer’s job to pose you regardless of your size. Even after losing 20lbs… 50lbs… 100lbs, most women find the nitpicking never stops. That’s because how you feel about yourself is a mindset, not a weight on a scale.

2. Imperfections

Breakouts before a shoot are common. So are stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and bruises. We are real women with real-life experiences. Boudoir photographers have the skills and tools to remove your concerns (ultimately still your choice).

3. Being Confident

The big secret is that everyone is terrified! As a boudoir photographer myself, I’ve had to pry clients from their cars. Allow them to puke before starting. And I can’t tell you how many ladies said their nerves almost made them cancel. If you think it takes bravery or confidence to do this, you are mistaken. You just need someone you can trust to guide you. This is way outside of your comfort zone which is exactly what you need to break out and grow.

Boudoir photo with pearls

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4. Your Age

My oldest client was 73. The thing she regretted the most. Not capturing her beauty sooner. Looks fade but personality lasts forever. Don’t spend the majority of your life knocking yourself down. Build yourself up to the confident, sexy women you know you are… now.

5. What To Wear

Another huge secret. No one has the lingerie for the shoot. Most women don’t wear lingerie regularly. Everyone is buying lingerie for their shoot. So don’t worry about it. More than likely, the photographer you’re considering knows what pieces/styles they can photograph best.

A lot of women seriously keep themselves in decades of self-doubt, self-ridicule, or worst. Consider the alternative. A life of self-confidence, self-respect, and living life to the fullest! Every woman deserves to experience a boudoir session.